What Reiki Course Would Suit Me Best?

At Dreamstone Holistics - Therapies & Training we offer a range of choices with regards to learning Reiki, from Level 1 right through to Master Teacher. Details of courses & workshops can be found in the Information Pack 2020.

Teaching Formats Available:

  • A series of evening classes run over 5-weeks (per level)
  • Two-day weekend workshops (per level)
  • One-to-one training

Accredited or Non-accredited?

If you wish to learn Reiki for your own interest with a view to treating yourself, friends and family, offering your services at Reiki shares etc. the non-accredited style of course would be the most appropriate. You will receive a certificate of attendance which will state the level of Reiki to which you have been attuned. However, if you feel you need more formal training and want to achieve a Reiki Diploma then look at the Reiki for Therapists accredited course offered.

What Do The Different Levels of Reiki Mean?

If you want to learn Reiki for personal use and for treating family & friends, but do not wish to be an insured practitioner, charging for treatments or volunteering in hospices etc. then Reiki Level I is just right for you and you need go no further.

If you want to-

Learn how to do distance healing
Gain insurance
Charge for treatments
Volunteer in hospices etc.

Then Reiki Level II is the way forward, having gained Reiki Level I first.

If you feel that, having achieved Reiki Levels I & II that you want to further your practice but do not want to become a Reiki Teacher, then Reiki Level III Master Practitioner is the natural progression.

For therapists who want a formal, accredited qualification in Reiki then look no further than the Reiki for Therapists Course

For those who want, like me, to share what they have learned and spread Reiki further then Reiki Level III Master Teacher is the final stage.

Helen giving a woman a Reiki treatement